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Our mission is to be the acknowledged and respectable partner for clients, offering building projects, designed and built using the passive house method, in compliance with the EU directives and the valid law of the Estonian Republic.

Pursuant to the European Union directive on energy performance of buildings (2010/31/EU), from 01.01.2021 all new buildings (buildings in the governmental and municipal ownership or use – from the year of 2019) should correspond to zero energy house requirements. The time is nearing, and one should start planning the zero energy buildings today. The constant growth of energy cost makes significant improvement of energy efficiency economically justified for user of building through the cut of energy costs and for owner of building through increase in future value. What the zero energy building is and which requirements it should comply with, each member state may define independently. The aim of the research conducted within the Estonian-Swiss cooperation framework was to define criteria of the zero energy and cost-optimal building for the needs of Estonia, and define the directions for making initial decisions on designing the low energy and zero energy buildings, which are followed by YRTA in design of their houses.

YRTA offers projects and pre-fabricated houses suitable for building passive house and certification at the Passive House Institute. Houses are manufactured on-site or as elements at the plant.