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We offer project design and build high quality houses and auxiliary buildings using the passive house method


Passive house package

  • Insulation thickness in conformity to the passive house norms
  • Air- and fire-proof
  • Ventilation system with heat recovery
  • Free structure of thermal bypass
  • Best passive house windows
  • Thermal comfort
  • Healthy and comfortable indoor climate conditions
  • Low energy expenses
  • Using solar panels, it is possible to reach nearly zero energy house
  • Can be certified in the Passive House Institute.

The aim of YRTA is a common economical entirety. The entirety, whose core is formed by passive house, which together with surrounding auxiliary buildings makes unified best design value. The entirety, which allows building to achieve:

  • Heating energy requirement of building ≤ 15 kWh/(m²a)
  • Maximal cooling load of building ≤ 15 kWh/(m²a)
  • Annual energy consumption for heating, hot water and housekeeping ≤ 120kWh/(m²a)
  • Air permeability of building box in case of measured pressure difference 50 Pa is maximum 0.6 1/h (times an hour).

Additional use of solar panels allows you to reduce electricity consumption to zero or even gain a positive value.

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Special solutions

You have not found a suitable house from our product range though you want to build a house designed and constructed as the passive house? We will help you build your own energy-saving dream house. To get maximum solar radiation into the building, start from choosing the land plot. We will map your wishes, help chose a land plot, organize project designing and all corresponding actions, help to choose a builder, monitor the building process in conformity to the passive house method, and make the building air permeability test.

Our goal is to make the entire process as trouble-free for you as possible.

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