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About us


In order to achieve the goal, YRTA house projects take into consideration five main ideas:

  • Sufficiently thick insulation within the entire house
  • Certified windows and doors for the passive house
  • Certified ventilation unit with heat recovery
  • Air density
  • Bypass of free house outer casing

In case of the passive house, the solar heat radiation is also important, which is supposed to be maximally used due to proper location against the cardinal direction. The indoor climate of passive house is healthy. It is good and comfortable for living year round. It is not cold in winter or hot in summer. In the beginning, building of passive house may seem rather expensive, though сost-cutting will be achieved in future on utility expenses and help stop climate warming.

Definition and method of passive house has been being developed since 1990s in Darmstadt Passive House Institute (D-r Wolfgang Feist). Passive houses are constantly monitored, and amendments to the method are introduced.

We have taken the passive house method and support, added solutions and design by KAMP Arhitektid, combined them with our vision, and got the YRTA – SAVE MORE TOMORROW.